Friday, September 4, 2009

Paradise Found!

Boy, do I have some FABULOUS news for you, Lilly Lovers! After my post, "Please! Take my money!" about my quest to find the sold out Andover, lovely reader SweetPea from Horse, Hound and Home emailed me to let me know she happened to own a rarely worn size 8 Andover Dress is multi patch fresh and fruity!

My dreams have been answered! I will finally own BOTH patterns in the OH-SO-FLATTERING Andover. I really do think it is one of the best dresses (for my body type at least) Lilly has made in quite a while. It also has a vintage feel, like the original Lilly dresses. I understand it was a popular style, too. Full price was only $168, low for a Lilly, and perhaps that helped spur its popularity.

I really hope that the folks over at Lilly decide to bring this dress back in future seasons (perhaps Resort??) in new patterns. That would be INCREDIBLE, don't you agree? Have a lovely Friday, Lilly Lovers!


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  2. That's so awesome!!! I wore this dress for my confirmation in the Catholic church this past Easter and got sooo many compliments on it. Hopefully, I'll have good luck like you. I'm looking for the Navy Mojito tunic in loopy lilly along with a Paley loopy lilly cardigan. I'm not having very much luck:(

  3. I LOVELOVELOVE my Andover! I actually just wore it yesterday :)

  4. Hey Hey Lilly Lovers,

    I know for a fact that the Andover dress is on it's way back :)

    Check for it next year!

    yay!!! <3

  5. What I would GIVE for a size 0 in this dress! I have been looking everywhere too. I keep crossing my fingers that one day it will pop up on ebay!