Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Adorable PJ's (and a dreamy price!)

A new day has brought a new email from Lilly Pulitzer! This one is about all the new arrivals in sleepwear. I have some Lilly sleepwear and it is just perfect to take on vacation. The loungewear is lovely as well! Do you have any of the new sleepwear? Will you be buying some? Lilly Lovers want to know!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do you wear with your Lilly? SPECIAL EDITION!

Boy, what a treat we have for you today at the Lilly Lovers blog! Every girl worth her weight in shift dresses knows about how well jewelry from KEP Designs goes with her Lilly! KEP Designs has been kind enough to extend a 25% (!!!!!!) discount to all Lilly Lovers until this Friday with code "Muffy"!

Not only that, but I asked the lovely ladies at KEP Designs to tell us what their favorite pieces are, as well as their favorite pieces to wear with Lilly Pulitzer and they divulged all!

Kelley and Bekah from KEP Designs on inner beauty:

"The most beautiful thing in a woman is their self-confidence and women always walk with pride when they know they look their best. Some of the most iconic women in history are remembered by their jewelry (think Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and most recently--- Michelle Obama). Jewelry has the ability to make a woman feel not only beautiful and confident, but special and that translates into the way in which they carry themselves.

The most important thing, ESPECIALLY in economic times like these, is to remember how powerful a piece of jewelry can be. You don’t have to worry about buying new clothing items when you can change the entire look of a dress or shirt with your accessories. Unlike pieces of clothing; you can wear the same piece of jewelry every day and get so much use out of it -- you can transform your entire look with a necklace, earrings, or bracelet."

I love that! It's so very true. On which pieces to wear with your Lilly they say:

"The great thing about KEP is that anyone can create their own look. You can choose a bead color, number of strands, particular style, and personalize your look with a gold or silver toggle, pave clasp, and a tulip!

The coin pearls are SUCH a classic and we love them – throughout summer and winter this necklace is always a hit. It is so fun to have a pearl necklace that is different from everyone else’s and with coin pearls or potato pearls you are sure to have people stopping you on the street to inquire about this piece. Choose your favorite colors on the tulip clasp and wear the tulip on the side, in the front, or in the back for completely different looks every time. This looks amazing with a t-shirt and jeans, a little black dress, and every Lilly print possible!"

Aren't these FABULOUS?!? I highly recommend KEP pieces to Lilly Lovers. They just make an outfit! The girls had some more to say about the KEP Classics collection (my personal favorite) and Lilly P:

"We also love any of the classics – they are great. So easy to pair with jeans and a tee (and would be SO cute with a Lilly scarf around your bag) or with a Lilly dress. The solid colors of these necklaces make them an easy match to any and every print."

There are many choices here and I'm going to show you each kind because this is my absolute favorite! We have the single strand to wear with a really busy print:

Look at the green of that Lilly Jade (what a perfect name as well!), the Rose Quartz is also an ideal companion to Lilly dresses. I especially love the pearls in between each bead. If one strand is not a big enough visual impact for you, how about two?

Double strand: 14mm Calcedon with fresh water pearls ($200):

For maximum visual impact, what about strands in Rose Quartz with a Green Tulip clasp? You really can't go wrong with this collection and this is my very favorite piece! ($250):

It's worth noting that there are DOZENS of tulip clasp options you can see them all listed HERE when you click "select tulip option" on the drop down menu.

Of course, no Lilly Lover can live on Classics alone! That's why Kelley designed the Enamel Collection! More on the collection, from Kelley:

"The enamel collection is something that we’ve loved for months and we continue to love. It’s great because there is solid gold for everyday looks and amazing fun colors and none of it breaks the bank! There is a 16inch necklace and a 42inch chain which can be worn long or doubled. The earrings come in a large and small size – we only wear the large but we prefer big jewelry. The whole line is great for everyday but also look great to wear out.

A really popular thing this fall has been for the college girls – they buy the flowers in their university’s colors and wear them for game day! They look ADORABLE paired with the enamel bangles and are just so fun. There are 20 different colors available online, and now a new gray (you can see a photo on our twitter) for the winter! The bangles are also great because there are several different charms (including a new leaf and elephant---both can be seen on twitter) but also a key (for those kappas) and you can create your own look---choose an enamel color and a charm. Of course, there are 3 different shades of green, 2 different shades of pink that make these go with just about ANY and EVERY Lilly piece! My personal favorite is the rocky mt blue (named for a beautiful area near where I grew up)."

These flower earrings are ADORABLE!!!! They come in TONS of colors (HOT PINK! GOLD!) and look DIVINE with all your Lilly! The gold ones are as little as $40 which is only $30 after you use code Muffy!

The enamel necklaces are also ideal. They are simple and charming without overpowering Lilly prints! I LOVE this shade of green, but they come in several other colors as well.

16 Inch Enamel Flower Necklace, Early Spring Green ($100):

Lastly, the girls have some final thoughts of what else to wear with Lilly:

"Also, a long chain, our FAVORITE from this summer---is divine with any Lilly piece and will be FANTASTIC for resort – the Sea Life Charm necklace. It goes so well with any of our 14k gold starfish & sand dollar earrings as well. Those earrings are a major staple for us during the summer!"

Holy cow! I hadn't seen these before! The CUTEST little starfish earrings! How DARLING! These are going right at the top of my wish list. So versatile!

Sea Life Charm Necklace ($150):

WOW. Extra extra special thanks to Bekah and Kelley for giving us the scoop on KEP as well as showing us so many wonderful pieces to wear with our Lilly! What a very special treat! Remember, code Muffy is only good until Friday and grants you 25% off. That is a huge discount. Take advantage of it while it lasts!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wright is so RIGHT!

The Wright Rib cardigan is the latest piece from the Fall collection to be featured in a Lilly Pulitzer email! I LOVE this cardigan. It's very charming and happy looking while clearly warm. This could be worn until next Spring with no problem! People who tend to get cold easily (like me!) could also use this as a layering piece. I love this sweater! It comes in four colors:

Curious Pink


Fountain Blue

I like Curious Pink and Orangella the best, but they are all great colors that can be worn with TONS of stuff. Which is your favorite color? Will you be buying the Wright Rib Cardigan?

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Pattern Alert!

From WWD: Spring 2010s theme will be "Protective Prints," and will feature patterns of exotic and endangered animals, including the American crocodile and the Florida panther -- not to mention Pandamonium, a black-and-white print with pops of hot pink, which shows off the World Wildlife Fund's panda mascot. The company will donate 10 percent of sales generated from the panda print -- which will be featured on women's and children's dresses, a women's skirt, a toe and a men's blazer -- to the WWF.

I think this pattern is so great! What do you think of the pattern?

Friday, September 25, 2009

Lilly Collaborations: The Latest!

The Preppy Princess (THE source for all Lilly paper goods!) has the latest scoop on the new Lilly home line and more! Extra special thanks to the Preppy Princess for allowing us to ride along on her coattails for this scoop!

First off, an actual LOOK at the new bedding! VERY EXCITING! Garnet Hill will be the collaborating partner for this line, I can't WAIT!

Second scoop off the press, MAC and Lilly! There will be many items included in this collaboration, Preppy Princess knows of two makeup brushes, an eyeshadow for $24.50 and an angled contour brush, $32; two Technakohl liners, each $14.50; four Cremeblend blushes, each $18.50; three Paint Pots, each $16.50; two nail lacquers, each $12 and more! Thank you again, PP! Lilly Lovers are rejoicing at all this news!

Third scoop, the Princess has a PICTURE of the NEW tags!!!! I am OBSESSED! So retro! I LOVE THEM! These will be rolled out with the new Lilly Goes Green initiative.

Extra special thanks to the Princess for all the scoop! SO EXCITING!!!!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lilly's Top Ten!

Lilly sent out an email recently featuring her Top Ten picks for Fall! Let's check them out and see what we think!

#1) Soni Printed Turtleneck ($88) This turtleneck is a great way to keep your Lilly spirit when the weather cools down. It will keep you warm while showing off a lovely pattern. Also, the happy colors will brighten any gloomy day. This turtleneck can be worn multiple ways as well, I would layer it with other items in the same color family and have the print just peek out on top.

#2) Knot Just Another Flat ($198) I have gushed about this terrific shoe in the past (here). I think when it gets cold and rainy and we can no longer wear our Jacks (or Bonannos!) this is the perfect alternative. Chic and comfortable, these are the perfect shoes for Fall and I would MUCH prefer a pair of these to the similarly priced Tory Burch Revas.

#3) Keating Dress Printed Crinkle ($298) I think that this dress features such lovely Fall colors and is in such a charming Fall fabric (silk! luxurious!) that I completely understand why Lilly made it a Top Ten Must Have! You know I'm serious when I capitalize words like Must and Have.

#4) Shere Sweter Coat ($348) Must be honest. Not a huge fan of this sweater. It for another Lilly Lover who lives in another place and has another lifestyle. Just not me. Having said that, it looks very warm and comfy and for the right person, this would be a lovely piece to add to a Fall and Winter wardrobe. Read more of my thoughts on the Shere here. Must say I do love this pink color! Such a happy pop of color.

#5) Agnes Skirt Printed Twill ($98) LOVE twill. LOVE the prints this comes in. LOVE the under $100 price tag! LOVE THIS SKIRT! This would be a GREAT addition to a Fall wardrobe. When it gets REALLY cold, you could wear it with warm tights and even wellies! I agree. This really is a MUST HAVE.

#6) Mar-a-Lago Tote ($358) I love this bag. It's VERY chic, and the brown is SO complimentary to Fall colors. You could wear this bag with just about anything. The material also seems very plush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Very fabulous. This bag was featured in the post "Get Carried Away!" that you can read here.

#7) Paley Ruffle Collar Cardigan ($148) This is a sweater that you could use for many seasons, not just Fall. The ruffle is such a big trend for Fall. This would be a perfect layering piece to keep in your wardrobe. Another piece with many uses! Check out the other colors and more info on my post here.

#8) Rorey Top Printed Crinkle ($168) How do you do fabulous office professional for Fall? With this top, some nice slacks and some stellar heels. Of course if you are in a VERY stuffy industry this may only fly on Casual Fridays, but I still think it's a lovely top.

Apple Dress ($168) This dress to me is sort of like the Andover for Fall. Very versatile, clearly a flattering cut and the price point is just right. No wonder it is a must have! It's the dress that has it all!

#10) 2010 Agenda ($25) This is an OBVIOUS must have! Every Lilly Lover should have one of these for the new year! LOVE IT! This would be such a great stocking stuffer too! FAB!

Well, there you have it! All of the TOP TEN picks from Lilly herself! Which ones of these will you be buying this Fall? Lilly Lovers want to know!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Good morning! Jack at Lilly Service on Twitter is offering Lilly Lovers another great deal! The Lilly Shrunken Polo is now available in tons of colors for only $39 (Orig. $68)!

To get your hands on one, call Southlake, Texas at 817-310-3947, Aventura, Florida at 305-705-1473 or Ardmore, Pennsylvania at 610-658-0387! Make sure to tell Lilly Lovers what colors you picked!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

The inimitable LPC does it again...

Some days Lilly just needed to go home. Throw on the old favorites and go have dinner with the family. This was one of those days. Luckily, it was beautiful, late summer, and the sun felt wonderful on her skin. Tomorrow would be tomorrow.

No Place Like Home

Sunday, September 20, 2009


In TV Guide magazine this week*, there is a sneak peek from the newest installment of the Sex and the City movie franchise! The girls are all pictured in their "80s" gear, including Charlotte (above), who appears to be wearing a skirt from Lilly Pulitzer Resort 2009? It could be from the Spring 2010 line I suppose since the movie comes out next May, but I'll bet it's from Resort. I am fairly positive it is not vintage. I know vintage Lilly.

She is also carrying a Lilly Bermuda bag (love Bermuda bags!!!) and I suppose her green sweater could be a Paley cardigan, but that is purely speculation in this Lilly Lovers part! How exciting to see Lilly so prominently featured in a major studio production! Hope you are all having a spectacular Sunday in your Lilly!

*The September 21-27 issue with the Simon Baker on the cover

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Sweater? Tunic? SWEATER TUNIC!!!

Hello friends! I do hope you are having a sunny Saturday. Lilly recently introduced us to the Farrow Sweater Tunic ($268). I was on the fence about this item at first, but seeing how DARLING it is on the model in the email has me giving it a second look. This is the perfect transitional piece. Summery while still keeping you warm as the weather turns from warm to cool. Of course the color is perfect. I'm a fan.

Will you be buying the Farrow Sweater Tunic this Fall?

Friday, September 18, 2009

Cocktails, Art....and Lilly!

Wednesday night the Madison Avenue Lilly store hosted "Aqua Art," a showing of the beautiful photographs of Christopher Pulitzer Leidy. Being that Christopher is Grandson to our one and only Lilly made this a CAN'T MISS event for the stylish Lilly Lovers in New York! Here are some photos of the event:

Guests poured out onto the street. The front of the townhouse was still decorated from Fashion's Night Out!

I would probably say so even if it weren't true (he IS, after all, Lilly's kin), but Christopher Pulitzer Leidy is VERY talented in my humble opinion! His art is so vibrant and alive! (Not unlike Lilly patterns....)

I am struck not only by the beauty of the photographs, but also by the townhouse! What lovely architecture. I can't wait to visit it in person (perhaps a stop on the way to the warehouse sale?)!
Pink Lilly cocktails were served and a SPECIAL gift with purchase was available. I wonder what it was?

That is a LOT of Lilly Lovers! Hello friends!

Lastly, Christopher Pulitzer Leidy himself with his father Bob Leidy. Not a bad looking gent! I wonder if he is single? Oh wait, I'm getting married. Well, maybe for one of you?? ;)

Looks like a VERY fun time was had by all! If you would like more information on Christopher Pulitzer Leidy, please visit Leidy Images. One last thing, ladies! Please have a fabulous Friday.

Thursday, September 17, 2009


If you are on a budget but still want to buy yourself some new Lilly, this post is for you! First of all, In The Pink is offering an ADDITIONAL 15% off all sale items! HUGE! I was waiting for the Janie sunglasses to go on sale and they did today but sold out! Sometimes when you snooze, you lose! Use code 0917 to get your extra savings.

If an additional 15% is just not enough for you, you still have some time to take advantage of the additional 25% being offered by Splash of Pink until tonight!

Lilly Lovers want to know about what you picked up at these great prices!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hello fellow Lilly Lovers! Tonight at the Madison Avenue Lilly Townhouse, there will be a showing of Christopher Pulitzer Leidy's "Aqua Art"! It's very beautiful (as you can see below!) and pieces will also be up for sale at tonight's event! Christopher is actually the grandson to our beloved Lilly Pulitzer and tonight only there will be a special EXCLUSIVE gift with every purchase. Oh, how I would love to go! Will you be attending?

More information on the event: You’re invited to a special underwater photography exhibit by Lilly’s very own grandson, Christopher Pulitzer Leidy, at the Lilly Pulitzer flagship store on Madison Avenue, Wednesday, September 16, from 6 pm to 8 pm!

Stop by for a viewing of this colorful collection, with an opportunity to purchase the works of art, and enjoy a signature Pink Lilly cocktail! GREEN alcohol sponsor Rain Vodka will be providing beverages in-store throughout the evening. For this one night only, receive an exclusive gift with Lilly purchase!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

Once again the magnificent LPC has produced some winning Polyvores for us to enjoy! This time, Lilly is going to Manhattan!

Lilly's mom and dad were going to New York. Staying at the St. Regis. Lilly was moping, just a bit. Her mom asked why. Lilly, both wanting and not wanting to let her parents know, hoping they would say yes, afraid she was asking for too much, explained. Lilly had never been to New York. Little did she know that there was nothing her parents would like better than to take their daughter along. Hooray!

Lilly opened her suitcase. Time to pack. Hmm. She had read that everyone wore black in New York. Lilly wasn't much of a one for black. Navy was as close as she could get. Finally, she threw together some things and packed up. "Oh well," she thought, "I can buy black clothes when I get there."

Lilly Packs For Manhattan

In her 15th floor room at the St. Regis, overlooking Fifth Avenue, she laid her clothes out on her bed. She thought navy.

Lilly In Manhattan I

Lilly In Manhattan I by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

She considered. New York was bigger than navy. She hadn't realized anything was bigger than navy. She tried again.

Lilly In Manhattan II

Lilly In Manhattan II by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Yes. No black required.

Central Park, the Met, The Upper East Side, Madison Avenue. Time to do her part for the economy. Night fell. Lilly wasn't ready to call it quits. Nor to take off the orange top. Add the peacock skirt, all caution to the wind. Just need a new lipstick - almost nude, she thought. New eyebrows. But this is Manhattan. People everywhere willing to shape one's eyebrows.

Lilly In Manhatttan III

Lilly In Manhatttan III by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Time to go home. Escaping the big city with only eyebrows changed. For now.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. Love you both.