Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

Once again the magnificent LPC has produced some winning Polyvores for us to enjoy! This time, Lilly is going to Manhattan!

Lilly's mom and dad were going to New York. Staying at the St. Regis. Lilly was moping, just a bit. Her mom asked why. Lilly, both wanting and not wanting to let her parents know, hoping they would say yes, afraid she was asking for too much, explained. Lilly had never been to New York. Little did she know that there was nothing her parents would like better than to take their daughter along. Hooray!

Lilly opened her suitcase. Time to pack. Hmm. She had read that everyone wore black in New York. Lilly wasn't much of a one for black. Navy was as close as she could get. Finally, she threw together some things and packed up. "Oh well," she thought, "I can buy black clothes when I get there."

Lilly Packs For Manhattan

In her 15th floor room at the St. Regis, overlooking Fifth Avenue, she laid her clothes out on her bed. She thought navy.

Lilly In Manhattan I

Lilly In Manhattan I by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

She considered. New York was bigger than navy. She hadn't realized anything was bigger than navy. She tried again.

Lilly In Manhattan II

Lilly In Manhattan II by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Yes. No black required.

Central Park, the Met, The Upper East Side, Madison Avenue. Time to do her part for the economy. Night fell. Lilly wasn't ready to call it quits. Nor to take off the orange top. Add the peacock skirt, all caution to the wind. Just need a new lipstick - almost nude, she thought. New eyebrows. But this is Manhattan. People everywhere willing to shape one's eyebrows.

Lilly In Manhatttan III

Lilly In Manhatttan III by High WASP featuring Lilly Pulitzer

Time to go home. Escaping the big city with only eyebrows changed. For now.

Thanks Mom. Thanks Dad. Love you both.


  1. Love that Lilly peacock skirt! Great Polyvores!

  2. 'And the Princes was overheard praying, "Oh please, let High WASP be our personal stylist, pretty please with sugar on top?"'