Monday, August 31, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

LPC is back and better than ever! This week she has outdone herself with not one but TWO Polyvores! WOW!

Lilly had a best friend. You know the kind. She’s been your best friend since you were little. You’ve both made different choices. Maybe she’s a little wild. But you’re still Best Friends. Lilly’s best friend wanted to go clubbing. She said Lilly had to come. Lilly wasn’t sure. She worried about what to wear. Pulled some things out of the closet and hopped in the car. When she got to her friend’s house, she got laughed at. And handed a white leather jacket to replace the green cardigan. And false eyelashes with a gold strip. No looking back.

They left for the club, Lilly still dreaming of her shift, her sandals, her cardigan. The club was crowded. Very crowded. Lilly danced. She had always loved to dance. Forgot herself, almost. She opened her closed eyes. Across the bar, eyes met. Wholly unsuitable boy. Unforgettable. Time to go home.

Next weekend Lilly called her friend. “Let’s go out again!” “Looks who’s talking now!” This time Lilly looked a little harder for something to wear. Something that might make an impression, on someone. Never mind who. She resorted to the unthinkable. Borrowed Daddy’s dinner jacket. Ever the good girl, she tore a page from her notebook and wrote Daddy a note. “Daddy, had to borrow your jacket. Promise to get it cleaned! Thanks Pops! Your Lilly.”

This time she drew the line at false eyelashes. After all, they made the exchange of glances a little more difficult than necessary.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Meet the Sandpiper Dress!

Today we received the newest email from Lilly Pulitzer introducing us to the Sandpiper Dress featuring a large peacock on it. The dress is $298 and is already sold out in a size 12, so it must be very popular (see description below, they called it)! I have mixed feelings about it myself, that peacock seems awfully large, but I will withhold judgement until I see it in store.

Sandpiper Dress Peacock:

Description from the Lilly site:

Mark our words. Literally, mark this page in your computer, in your favorites. This dress is going to sell out in ABOUT 5 seconds. So marked or not, GRAB IT. It is our favorite. It is a show stopper. It is a beloved sandpiper style with a gorgeous peacock on the front. Five, four, three...

21" Lantern sleeve dress with an engineered print

Saturday, August 29, 2009


....just give me something pink and green in a size 8, 10, 12 or 14!!!! HAHA. Thursday I went to "The Sale Shack" website (C. Orrico's online outlet), to see what was new and on sale! I love the sale shack. They have so much to offer!

I saw the Andover dress (a dress I own in tide blue shaken up) in my size (8) in the multi fresh and fruity patch! I was so excited!! After some thought, I decided to buy it....I couldn't let it get away!

Today, I got an email from the super nice people at C. Orrico letting me know the dress had actually sold out. BUMMER. I decided to get something else! I asked if the Lovell shift (in Lillys Pink Tiger Lilly!) was still available in a 12 or 14, but it was sold out too! Double bummer! I had tried on the 14 in store and it was big, but just a little. I know the 12 would be perfect, but all they have is a 10. I think that might be too small.

I decided I just HAD to get something in the Lillys Pink Tiger Lilly pattern, so I decided to ask if the fiesta dress was available in a 14 since I had heard from pals that it runs small. Of course, someone already bought that one too! Triple bummer.

Perhaps the Lord was trying to say, "Hey, Muffy! You've got enough Lilly! Chill a little bit!" but what I am taking with me is this: when you hear there are additional markdowns going on, don't take the time to think about it...BUY IT NOW! You can always sell it on eBay if it doesn't fit! HAHAHA! Lessons for a Lilly Lover, here at the Lilly Lovers Blog!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Attention LA Area Lilly Lovers!

Santa Monica store CABANA is having a SUMMER SALE through the end of August. 50% off most Lilly merchandise! Sounds exciting! I'll be sure to check it out myself as well!

See The Latest In Stationery!

Got the end of summer blues? That's what Lilly wants to know! Yesterday we received this charming email in our inboxes urging us to take a look at the latest in Lilly stationery. Tumblers, pens, the cookie cutter set and cocktail shakers are all featured prominently! Have you purchased any of the new Lilly stationery products (perhaps with 10% off code MuffyDeal)? What are your favorites?

In The Pink: Endless Summer Sale!

In the Pink is having a great sale on Spring and Summer collections! All Spring and Summer collections are now 50% off! There is still some time to wear Spring and Summer clothes! Check it out and let us know what you bought!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ones That Got Away...

Did you ever wait to buy a piece of Lilly and it sold out? Have you ever waited for a certain dress to go on sale and you missed it? Oh yes, we all have the pieces that got away. We troll ebay hoping someone has them at a decent price in good condition, but sometimes they never come.

These are my personal "ones that got away":

Dasha Silk Twill Dress in White Tailwind (I think Resort 2007?)

Reecey Dress in Hibiscus Pink (I don't recall which collection this came from but it is just HEAVEN!):

....and my latest, the Lovell Dress in Lilly's Pink Tiger Lilly. This one was $358 and sold out in my size before ever going on sale. $400 (CA tax is close to 10%) is just a little bit steep for me for a casual dress, but I simply ADORED it. (Shameless plug: if anyone finds it in a 12 or 14, please email me!)

Lilly Lovers want to know: What are YOUR pieces that "got away"? What did you wish you had purchased while you had the chance??

One More Day To Save!

Friendly reminder from Lilly Lovers:

Remember to visit the Preppy Princess online and get 10% off ANYTHING in the store with code MUFFYDEAL! Lilly stationery, tumblers, picture frames and more!!! She also has darling non-Lilly items. The code is only good until tomorrow, so if you've had your eye on something, jump on it now!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get Picture Day Perfect!

A new day brought with it a new email from Lilly Pulitzer! I was pleased to see the Lilly choices for upcoming Picture Days! Oh, I used to stress about looking totally perfect for that one day! Glad that's all over!!! Did you wear Lilly to Picture Day when you were in school?

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Lilly Car!

WHOA! Stop the presses! Today on the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page, there was a picture of the NEW Lilly Pulitzer ELECTRIC car!!!! Very exciting!!!! Here is some more info from the Lilly Facebook page:

Exciting news!! Shhhhhh (who am i kidding I'm sharing this secret with 30,000 people) We had a jeep last year but this November we're "rolling" out an electric car!! It comes in white and pink!!Eeeekk! Stay tuned for more details and how to order one early!! (The best part?..besides being Lilly printed, there's a HUGE government tax credit). Cheers!!

Lilly Lovers on Facebook!

I just started a Facebook page for the Lilly Lovers Blog. Check it out!

Splash of Pink Friends and Family Discount!

Hello friends! BIG news arrived in my inbox today! Muffy fave Splash of Pink is offering 20% all sale items with code: MYBUDDY! Splash of Pink always has what I am looking for and the people there are SO nice. I also love the "Live Chat" feature. I'm sure "Amy" at Splash of Pink would say, "Muffy? Oh yes, I've chatted with her many a time!" HAHA!

Go find something nice, 20% off already reduced prices is a steal. Some items I saw were McKims for $69, skirts and skorts for $79, and a dress for $60! These prices are all before 20% discount. You can thank me later.

Notes From The Print Studio

Lilly Pulitzer director of design Janie Schoenborn took to the Lilly blog to post about new prints and collaborations coming up! Very exciting to hear the latest straight from Janie! Here is what Janie had to say:

Lilly Land Meet Janie….Janie, Lilly Land…. now that you’ve all been introduced here’s a peak into her very crazy, always exciting and never dull (in regards to color) world at Lilly.

What are we up to? Well the center of my universe is the Lilly Pulitzer print studio. We are usually painting. Right now we have been extremely focused on things that are waaaaay too top secret to tell you. But things LEAK. I was pleasantly surprised to see the WWD article ran announcing our super cool program for Spring 2010 with LeSportSac. Since that has ended up on OTHER blogs let me give you a behind the scenes….

For Spring 2010 we are working on saving the world. As usual. Par for the course. No really, there were so many animals that we were jamming into prints we thought…let’s raise awareness for endangered species. So someone called someone else important, we got the red light, were designing prints when…our marketing team hooked-up with le Sport Sac and the rest is soon-to-be history.

LeSportSac is chic because you can wear it anytime, anywhere. It is a print driven brand and so are we. Sounds simple right. My first meeting was with their creative director (she is French and defines the word chic) and director of this and another manger of blah blah. All very very very lovely people. They showed me the millions of shapes that they have run of the years. Did you know they were founded in 1974 (which is ah-hem whisper whisper, around the time that I was born. I lie about my age so I will tell you I am younger by a tid-bit). Needless to say they have a lot of bag shapes to play with.

Am I going to get in trouble? What am I allowed to spill. EEK. Ok, so I am going to gloss over exactly what shapes. But I will tell you that YES, we have a tennis bag (loooooove it) and we have all sizes of the weekender. I KNOW that we are all looking for an updated modern weekender and now we have an answer, no matter how much you need to pack. There are make-up bags, totes, day bags. There are LOTS OF BAGS.

The prints. Now this info I think has leaked, so let me give you the behind the scenes. We have 3 prints coming. First delivery is (I forget when…hmmm..around January/Feb) is a patch with all of our ‘big cats’ included. This print is exclusive to le Sport Sac and will not be on our apparel. It holds bits of prints that will be on the line, and others (like a blue/coral ikat leopard) that isnot on the line but MAAAAYBE should have been. I’m just saying…

So…cats? Well, you know Lilly loves little kitty cats and has tons of them. Lost count how many are running around that place. But there are so many big cats that are endangered. We have tigers and leopards, florida panthers and cougars (my running joke is that they are endangered expect for on the island of palm beach..hee hee). The colors are an awesome turquoise and coral, trimmed in navy. PERFECT for that time of year. I think all these guys are in the bag

Lots of leaves…this one is called CATNIP (and you will see on the line. If some major fashion house like Oscar De la Renta (who is amazing)wants
to come in an steal our spring 2010 prints I think I have just “sold the farm”. Bought the farm? What is that saying?!?!?!?
Ok, I am getting a little tired now. I will ‘blog’ more later. You got the first le Sport Sac delivery out of me. More to come later!


Very exciting! I can't wait to see what else she has to say!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Lilly Lovers Days 2009 Finalists!

OH BOY! The 25 finalists of Lilly Lovers Days 2009 have been announced and are featured below. There are 27 because two of the winners are employees of Lilly and not eligible to win.

First place winner:

Second place winner:
Third place winner:
I am a big fan of the second runner up! What a cute photo. Congrats to all who made the top 25!

Lilly...with a twist!

Hello all. Today we have a brand new feature for Lilly Lovers! LPC from Privilege has a knack for making exquisite Polyvore spreads. She has graciously offered to make a few new Polyvores using Lilly in unconventional ways. We all wear Lilly casually, but what about if you have a corporate job? Today LPC has crafted "Lilly Gets A Big Promotion" and I LOVE it.

Isn't it great?!? There is a story to go along with it, of course.

The day Lilly got her big promotion she listened respectfully to the VP's compliments. "Thank you so much," she said. "This is a big responsibility. I am very happy you've been pleased with my performance, and I look forward to continuing to learn and grow." What can we say? Lilly had a gift for the corporate life, she knew how to follow a business professional dress code - right on the edge. navy jacket, chocolate ballerina flats, a conservative but fashionable matching brown bag. Can't get more correct. With just the right pop of trademark Lilly color to make her mark. Lilly also knew two important things. 1. When in doubt, tone down color with a navy jacket. 2. If you are going to up your fashion game, you have to up your work results to boot.

Extra special thanks to LPC for doing this!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

SPOTTED: Lilly in Martha Stewart Living!

Lilly Pulitzer was prominently featured in the August Martha Stewart Living! The article was "The Originals- Invest in pieces with a past and they'll remain your favorites well into the future." The Tori dress was the focal point of this page, alongside Bernardo sandals, espadrilles and J. Press Ribbon Belts.
The text reads:

Lilly Pulitzer Dress. Lilly Pulitzer started with a juice stand. Squeezing fruits inside made a mess of her clothes, so her seamstress created a patterned piece to hide the stains. That dress became more popular than her juices and remains a warm weather staple. Tori dress, $268,

What a great mention! I also hadn't noticed how very lovely the Tori dress is as well. This little article has put the Tori MUCH higher on my lilly wish list! If you'd like to see this feature for yourself, it is on page 57 of the August issue.

Lilly's Take on Fall Trends!

This morning brought with it a brand new email from Lilly Pulitzer! This one focuses on the Fall line and the new pieces that correspond with popular Fall trends. Ruffles, pencil skirts, knits, animal prints and shirt dresses are featured. There is also a note that the VERY popular Stephanie shift is back in stock!

What are your favorite pieces in the Fall collection?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Lilly Quilts!

Heather from Mint Juleps and Magnolias not only shared with us her story of being the very first Lilly Lover to find the Florida's Natural juice, she has also shared with us some photos of GORGEOUS quilts her Grandmother has crafted using Lilly fabric.

Heather's motto has always been, "Wear a Little Lilly Every Day!" and she is really living that motto! Being a Kentuckian and a huge horse racing fan, her Grandmother made her a quilt with a Derby-themed Low Riders print. Isn't that just the end?!?

WOW. Where can I get one?!? She also sent some photos of another quilt that is just so bright and happy, it leaps off the page.

Aren't they AMAZING?!? Special thanks again to Heather for spreading the Lilly love! I am so pleased she shared these with us.

If you would like to share a story like Heather did or just send over a photo or item you have that has special significance to you, Lilly Lovers would love to hear about it! Just email me at! Please have a lovely Lilly-fied day!