Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What do you wear with your Lilly? SPECIAL EDITION!

Boy, what a treat we have for you today at the Lilly Lovers blog! Every girl worth her weight in shift dresses knows about how well jewelry from KEP Designs goes with her Lilly! KEP Designs has been kind enough to extend a 25% (!!!!!!) discount to all Lilly Lovers until this Friday with code "Muffy"!

Not only that, but I asked the lovely ladies at KEP Designs to tell us what their favorite pieces are, as well as their favorite pieces to wear with Lilly Pulitzer and they divulged all!

Kelley and Bekah from KEP Designs on inner beauty:

"The most beautiful thing in a woman is their self-confidence and women always walk with pride when they know they look their best. Some of the most iconic women in history are remembered by their jewelry (think Jackie O, Audrey Hepburn, and most recently--- Michelle Obama). Jewelry has the ability to make a woman feel not only beautiful and confident, but special and that translates into the way in which they carry themselves.

The most important thing, ESPECIALLY in economic times like these, is to remember how powerful a piece of jewelry can be. You don’t have to worry about buying new clothing items when you can change the entire look of a dress or shirt with your accessories. Unlike pieces of clothing; you can wear the same piece of jewelry every day and get so much use out of it -- you can transform your entire look with a necklace, earrings, or bracelet."

I love that! It's so very true. On which pieces to wear with your Lilly they say:

"The great thing about KEP is that anyone can create their own look. You can choose a bead color, number of strands, particular style, and personalize your look with a gold or silver toggle, pave clasp, and a tulip!

The coin pearls are SUCH a classic and we love them – throughout summer and winter this necklace is always a hit. It is so fun to have a pearl necklace that is different from everyone else’s and with coin pearls or potato pearls you are sure to have people stopping you on the street to inquire about this piece. Choose your favorite colors on the tulip clasp and wear the tulip on the side, in the front, or in the back for completely different looks every time. This looks amazing with a t-shirt and jeans, a little black dress, and every Lilly print possible!"

Aren't these FABULOUS?!? I highly recommend KEP pieces to Lilly Lovers. They just make an outfit! The girls had some more to say about the KEP Classics collection (my personal favorite) and Lilly P:

"We also love any of the classics – they are great. So easy to pair with jeans and a tee (and would be SO cute with a Lilly scarf around your bag) or with a Lilly dress. The solid colors of these necklaces make them an easy match to any and every print."

There are many choices here and I'm going to show you each kind because this is my absolute favorite! We have the single strand to wear with a really busy print:

Look at the green of that Lilly Jade (what a perfect name as well!), the Rose Quartz is also an ideal companion to Lilly dresses. I especially love the pearls in between each bead. If one strand is not a big enough visual impact for you, how about two?

Double strand: 14mm Calcedon with fresh water pearls ($200):

For maximum visual impact, what about strands in Rose Quartz with a Green Tulip clasp? You really can't go wrong with this collection and this is my very favorite piece! ($250):

It's worth noting that there are DOZENS of tulip clasp options you can see them all listed HERE when you click "select tulip option" on the drop down menu.

Of course, no Lilly Lover can live on Classics alone! That's why Kelley designed the Enamel Collection! More on the collection, from Kelley:

"The enamel collection is something that we’ve loved for months and we continue to love. It’s great because there is solid gold for everyday looks and amazing fun colors and none of it breaks the bank! There is a 16inch necklace and a 42inch chain which can be worn long or doubled. The earrings come in a large and small size – we only wear the large but we prefer big jewelry. The whole line is great for everyday but also look great to wear out.

A really popular thing this fall has been for the college girls – they buy the flowers in their university’s colors and wear them for game day! They look ADORABLE paired with the enamel bangles and are just so fun. There are 20 different colors available online, and now a new gray (you can see a photo on our twitter) for the winter! The bangles are also great because there are several different charms (including a new leaf and elephant---both can be seen on twitter) but also a key (for those kappas) and you can create your own look---choose an enamel color and a charm. Of course, there are 3 different shades of green, 2 different shades of pink that make these go with just about ANY and EVERY Lilly piece! My personal favorite is the rocky mt blue (named for a beautiful area near where I grew up)."

These flower earrings are ADORABLE!!!! They come in TONS of colors (HOT PINK! GOLD!) and look DIVINE with all your Lilly! The gold ones are as little as $40 which is only $30 after you use code Muffy!

The enamel necklaces are also ideal. They are simple and charming without overpowering Lilly prints! I LOVE this shade of green, but they come in several other colors as well.

16 Inch Enamel Flower Necklace, Early Spring Green ($100):

Lastly, the girls have some final thoughts of what else to wear with Lilly:

"Also, a long chain, our FAVORITE from this summer---is divine with any Lilly piece and will be FANTASTIC for resort – the Sea Life Charm necklace. It goes so well with any of our 14k gold starfish & sand dollar earrings as well. Those earrings are a major staple for us during the summer!"

Holy cow! I hadn't seen these before! The CUTEST little starfish earrings! How DARLING! These are going right at the top of my wish list. So versatile!

Sea Life Charm Necklace ($150):

WOW. Extra extra special thanks to Bekah and Kelley for giving us the scoop on KEP as well as showing us so many wonderful pieces to wear with our Lilly! What a very special treat! Remember, code Muffy is only good until Friday and grants you 25% off. That is a huge discount. Take advantage of it while it lasts!


  1. I've got a potato pearl necklace- one w/ three strands of pearls- from KEP designs that I bought at Melly- the Lilly store in the Twin Cities- and I always get compliments on it.


  2. Thanks Muffy, that's a generous discount!

  3. KEP does fabulous work. I love the classic nature of her designs. Sadly I don't own a piece but may have to treat myself.

  4. I've never heard of KEP Designs before! I really love the Shell Pearls. They are so classic/simple. They would go with anything!

  5. We were fortunate enough to win a KEP necklace, and it is drop-dead beautiful. We can't recommend her work enough, so don't walk, RUN over to use Muffy's discount code!

    Great post Miss Muffy,