Saturday, October 31, 2009

Originals Update!

The ORIGINALS collection is finally available from the Lilly Pulitzer site! To celebrate this exciting event Lilly has some very cool images on the website! Above is the official "we've got Originals!" announcement.

Classic Prints: A closeup of the Worth shift! I LOVE this pattern! It is a rendering of the famous "ladies in a fountain" photograph from the 60s.

Vintage Silhouettes: I love what they did with the picture of Lilly with the background in grey.

Recycled From Generation to Generation: This is really neat! The image features Rose and Kathleen Kennedy in shifts in the 60s and then Kick and Kyra Kennedy in their Worth shifts!!! How lovely.

Reduce. Reuse. ReLilly! Lilly as heirlooms! I certainly don't think of mine that way, but at the same time, I never throw them out! Maybe I DO think of them as heirlooms and don't know it!

Are you as excited about Originals as I am?!?

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Under the Palm Tree!

Hello friends! Did you know online Lilly shop Under the Palm Tree is offering 50% off of Fall as well as FREE SHIPPING for a limited time?!? I had to check it out!

I bought my two year old niece this ADORABLE Little Lilly shift (only $29!!!):

I also saw SEVERAL well-priced items! These were my favorite choices:

Annie Dress Metallic (oh boy! still available in my size!!! I saw this at the Fashion Valley Lilly store this weekend and was VERY impressed with the fabric!) $139

Kaya Dress Solid Satin (also available in the print) $149

Mar-A-Lago tote $179

Really now, what is better than saving money on Lilly?!? It allows you to buy more Lilly! FABULOUS!

Lilly Loves Green Update!

Hello friends! Yesterday, Lilly unveiled the official logo of the Lilly Goes Green campaign! Here it is:

I REALLY like it! What do you think?!?

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Attention Southern California Lilly Lovers!!!

Hello friends! This weekend I had the honor of visiting the ONLY Lilly Pulitzer owned boutique in California in the famous FASHION VALLEY mall. It's always a treat when I can visit them and this visit was especially fabulous since they just got all their BRAND NEW Resort/Originals line in stock!

I had so much fun looking at it all in the pristine and beautiful store, but I am waiting to try it all on. Why would I do that?!? Well, because they are having a VERY special event IN-STORE on November 7!!!!

They will be having a special in-store event featuring a special guest from Lilly Pulitzer who will be doing one-on-one appointments with Lilly Lovers to determine which styles are best for your body type. Doesn't that sound fantastic?!? Not only that, as you can see above there is a special gift with purchase with ANY Resort ladies purchase!!!! What is better than getting a gift just for treating yourself to some Lilly???

But wait! There is MORE! There will be a print designer on hand to sketch you a custom print for you to keep! Doesn't this sound like just the greatest event of all time?!? Especially for those of us that are Lilly-deprived on the West Coast. Fabulous.

Of course there are only so many hours in the day, so the appointments will be filling up fast. I have already scheduled mine! If you wish to attend this exclusive event, please call Lilly Pulitzer at Fashion Valley at 619-491-0050. Tell them Muffy sent you! Maybe I can see you there?? I wouldn't miss it for the WORLD!

Friday, October 23, 2009


I really need to calm down. This level of excitement is just too high. I may sprain something. Today, I woke up and KNEW I needed to wear my FAVORITE Lilly dress from AGES ago. I knew I had too much to do at work and if I wore it, things would be terrific!

Of course, the magic of my favorite Lilly is working! C. Orrico has posted photos from Resort, in a few Lilly stores NOW! Here are a sampling of the choices on the C. Orrico site:

LOVE this dress. Very vintage Lilly. FAB. Memsey Dress.

This is my MUST HAVE from this collection. This is the piece you buy the second you see it in case it sells out. LOVE this dress. Worth shift.

This print is very retro. LOVE the palm trees. LOVE THEM! Also a Worth shift. Look at that lace detailing!

Some more great items:

This pencil case REALLY is "ORIGINAL"! I love this idea and I MUST get this as well!

I love a good tote bag. How darling is this one?!?

Are the pieces are fabulous as you had expected?!? I am VERY pleased with what I have seen so far. I was concerned, as my anticipation was quite high, but I am very satisfied with everything. I can't wait to see them in store!

How "Original"!

I am VERY excited about the email we all recieved yesterday from Lilly. I've heard whispers around the blog and facebook world about it and there was even an article in WWD about the ORIGINALS line from Lilly!!!! I cannot wait to see it in stores. Classic prints?!? Vintage silhouettes?!? YES PLEASE! Are you as excited as I am?

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Do you love Vintage Lilly? ...and Janie?

Muffy sure does! Yesterday I was checking out the Lilly Facebook page and I learned about a new fan page called "We Love Vintage Lilly"! The woman that writes it is a girl after my own heart who REALLY loves Lilly. (Just like US!) Of course, like any over-zealous Lilly fan, I commented on just about every post she has. I am so excited about this page.

I left a comment on her page asking her if she would like to collaborate on a future post here (her favorite vintage patterns, perhaps?) so we will see if she takes me up on the offer. I sure hope she does!

Also while on Facebook I learned that Director of Design Janie Schoenborn has a twitter page now! You can find her at I have noticed that Janie has taken on a more public image lately and has emerged as a sort of "face" of Lilly Pulitzer and I think that is a great idea for the brand. Janie is obviously very stylish and knowledgeable about the brand and I think she has the personality and intelligence to draw more people to Lilly while satisfying the curiosity of current Lilly lovers. Good move, Lilly P! Good move! You can follow Janie's tweets HERE.

Last thought of the day: RESORT is almost here!!! I can't stand it. I just have a feeling that this is going to be my favorite collection of ALL TIME! Mere DAYS away! I. CAN. NOT. STAND. THE. EXCITEMENT. Ok, just had to get that out of my system. Have a great day, all!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Prayers sometimes DO get answered!

Hello friends! I am BACK from my brief hiatus. I have been married and gone on a honeymoon and am now back at my desk, sneaking in a Lilly Lovers post as I work. I do hope you all have been well. Special thanks to Hopsy for blogging for me while I was out. I've read her posts and I just LOVE the insight she has given us! Hopefully she continues to give us scoop in the future! Thank you, Hopsy.

Now, some of you may remember my post on "the ones that got away" from a little while ago. I was BEYOND excited when darling SweetPea from Horse Hound and Home told me that she had the Andover in my size and had only worn it once and wanted to unload it. I even wore it to my wedding rehearsal! Nothing is more satisfying then finding some Lilly that got away.

Now, on Monday when I returned to work, I didn't have too many tasks to do and I was trying to "ease" myself back into the work week and I decided to go on eBay and see what Lilly was available. I really don't purchase very often on eBay, but I like to see old pieces (and remember that I have them in my own closet!) and old prints. It's the hobby of choice for those with a borderline unhealthy Lilly habit. ;)

I am rambling, I must get to the point! There it was!!!!!!!!!! The Lovell shift I had wanted and missed out on! In a 12!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just about died. I placed a ridiculous maximum bid on it (I had to be sure I got it!) and sat and my desk and refreshed. And refreshed. And refreshed. Well, I WON IT! The Lovell is finally MINE! I don't even have it yet and it is already my new favorite. Once it was no longer available, I realized how badly I needed it. I just wish I had it before the wedding. It would have loved to have worn it to the shower or even the rehearsal dinner! Oh, well. I have it now. Well, I will in 5-12 business days.

HAPPINESS! Have you ever found a piece you thought was gone forever??

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Lilly on TV!

Lilly has been all over our TVs since the Fall line up hit our Living Rooms. First it was Gossip Girl, then Cougar Town and even SNL!

Did you happen to catch the
Flight Announcement clip in September? The Eliza Top in Harbor Club Green($128) and the Riley Colorblock Cardigan in True Navy ($178). This outfit is a bit more trendy compared to some other pieces but it is super cute, very fun and even a bit flirty! It is great to see Lilly making its' way to more and more people across the globe!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pink Mothership

When Muffy and I first connected via the preppy, Lilly loving blog world last summer she was starting a new trend by calling Lilly the mothership. I always referred to Lilly as the love of my life, but since meeting Muffy I now often call if the mothership too.

For all of those who have yet to make it to KoP here is a photo of the Pink Palace aka our Mothership!

Before I visited last November I always wondered if the building really was pink and if so what shade it would be. Well, ladies, here you have it! It is a delightful shade of light pink, perhaps somewhat similar to Shell Pink? Or maybe even a mix of Shell and Phipps Pink? Either way, isn't it just lovely as can be. Now, had only this shot captured one of the Lilly Jeeps parked out front...

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eye Candy

Just a little Lilly eye candy (courtesy of the Lilly Pulitzer official blog) to get you through your Wednesday!

I would pay BIG BUCKS for my own Lilly water color, would you? What type of scene would you want? I would have to say I would have to take something with elephants and monkeys! Maybe even me a top a Lilly decorated elephant (sound familiar?!) with a monkey in tow!

Monday, October 12, 2009

All Eyes On You (or Me Just Like a Circus...!)

The Lilly Pulitzer Laurent Cardigan has arrived!! The silk, merino wool blend is ideal for the chilly weather and the ruffles and darling pearl buttons are too feminine to pass up! I tried this cardigan on last week while in the Dallas store and am at a loss as to what color to buy. I would wear pink almost daily, but black is such a wardrobe staple. Oh, decisions, decisions!
What color Laurent are you planning on adding to your wardrobe this Fall?

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Lilly Fabric by the Yard and a Benefit!

Exciting news has been announced for all of us Lilly lovers! Lilly is working with Lee Jofa to make fabric by the yard available again! It will only be available to the trade so start befriending all those interior designers! Yippee to the thought of a home decorated in Lilly!!!
"The next branch of our home expansion comes with a License Agreement with Lee Jofa, a world-renowned fabrics company. Our fabrics will finally be available for purchase by-the-yard in Spring 2011. The distribution is to-the-trade only (interior designers) so that anyone can cover their furniture, custom-order drapes or even have bedding made-to-order in fabulous prints. For more on Lee Jofa, visit Lee Jofa is owned by Kravat. Lee Jofa is based in NYC."

Also, as a volunteer on the Young Leadership Board of the Dallas chapter of Gilda's Club I felt compelled to pass on the following information. If you live in or around NYC be sure to put this FABULOUS townhouse benefit on your calendar!!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Garnet Hill Bedding Sneak Peak

It's Hopsy here reporting from the Big D! I have just found some new photos of the Lilly Home line from Garnet Hill and thought it would be appropriate to spoil you this Wednesday.
What a fun patch quilt! I love the dainty, floral sheets too. I think I could totally make those work with my pink toile bedding! Look at the FUN shower line! Doesn't this print look similar to our beloved Snapdragon, just a new color scheme. Fabulous and classic! Also, I am not sure that darling elephant is Lilly, but it is a must have for any Lilly lover. Don't you agree? Makes bath time whimsical and fun!
More photos to come, I can only let you in on so many secrets a day!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Lilly Lovers UPDATE!

Hello friends! The Lilly Lovers blog will NOT be taking a hiatus while I am honeymooning as previously announced! Instead, good friend Hopsy will be taking over my duties for a little while. She's super fabulous and the only person I know whose love for Lilly meets my own. I can't wait to see what she comes up with! See you all very soon!


Monday, October 5, 2009

Dressy Dresses for Mommy and Minnies!

I am obsessed with the Kaya and even more obsessed with the fact it comes in girls as well! For a long long long long time (a long time), I had always dreamed that when I grew up, I would have a photo of me in my shift, the Mr. in a matching tie and the baby in a minnie shift. Always. In fact, when Skipp and I were first dating and I would show him some of my favorite pictures on the old Lilly site he would say, "is that all I am to you? an accessory for your Lilly?" HAHAHA! Oh, Silly Skipp! Someone needs to buy this for themselves and their little one and send me a photo. Not joking. Too adorable.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

Hello friends! This is going to be one of the last "Lilly...with a twist!" features for a little while as I am getting married on 10/10 and going on my honeymoon right after! Don't worry though, soon after I return, so will this feature! Here is this weeks "Lilly...with a twist!"

Lilly's Niece Goes to School

Lilly's little niece had started kindergarten this year. Lilly loved her niece, and gave her an adorable outfit to celebrate. One day, Lilly even went with her sister on the morning trip to school. Lilly's sister whispered, "I'm glad I still have the little guy at home, otherwise I'd be a blubbering mess." Lilly understood. The cuteness of these two little ones was almost too much to bear. Pulling the car up into the roundabout, Lilly's sister turned around in her seat and said, "Get your stuff honey." "OK!" said the little girl. She grabbed her jacket, her backpack, and a box of BandAids. Off she ran, mini McKims flapping. "What's with the BandAids?" said Lilly. "Don't ask," laughed her sister. "And wait a minute, what happened to the matching pink hoodie I sent? Why is she wearing aqua?" "Oh Lilly," with a deep sigh, "If I've learned anything, it's pick your battles." Lilly realized at that point that she had a lot to learn about cute little children.