Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Wright is so RIGHT!

The Wright Rib cardigan is the latest piece from the Fall collection to be featured in a Lilly Pulitzer email! I LOVE this cardigan. It's very charming and happy looking while clearly warm. This could be worn until next Spring with no problem! People who tend to get cold easily (like me!) could also use this as a layering piece. I love this sweater! It comes in four colors:

Curious Pink


Fountain Blue

I like Curious Pink and Orangella the best, but they are all great colors that can be worn with TONS of stuff. Which is your favorite color? Will you be buying the Wright Rib Cardigan?

1 comment:

  1. These do come in great colors Miss Muffy, but sadly, it's not for us.... we just can't seem to wrap our old fuddy-duddy brain around the short-sleeved sweater concept, at least not for chunky, heavy sweaters. Sigh.

    Have a delightful week!