Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lilly...with a Twist! Baby Shower in the Snow!

Lisa from Privilege blog has done it once again! I do believe this is one of my FAVORITE Polyvores! How DARLING! Please enjoy...Lilly...with a Twist.

Lilly had a baby shower to attend. She loved baby showers. She liked babies, for the most part, but she LOVED baby clothes. Oh. My. God. They were so cute! Those little ruffles, and little flowers, and little pinknesses? She could never resist buying at least two outfits as presents. And she always wanted to see photos later, her baby fashion choices in action.

But today she was having trouble figuring out what to wear. It was March. And out East, where her friend lived now, it appeared that winter hadn't yet surrendered to spring. Despite the snow on the ground, Lilly was determined to find a cheery outfit. Something colorful. Something...Lilly. But there was no way around the snow on the ground. Hmm. She had to start with her feet. The Lilly shoes just wouldn't work in the snow. But, wait, she had a wonderful pair of equestrian boots! Black. Comfy. Classic.

Now, add a pair of peacock tights, a Sabine shirtdress, and layer a pink turtleneck underneath. Yes! Good to go! Add a pink hat with pompoms and matching gloves, pull out the winter coat and a Murfee scarf, and Lilly felt ready to bring her customary cheer to the event. To heck with snow. On with the festivities.