Friday, September 18, 2009

Cocktails, Art....and Lilly!

Wednesday night the Madison Avenue Lilly store hosted "Aqua Art," a showing of the beautiful photographs of Christopher Pulitzer Leidy. Being that Christopher is Grandson to our one and only Lilly made this a CAN'T MISS event for the stylish Lilly Lovers in New York! Here are some photos of the event:

Guests poured out onto the street. The front of the townhouse was still decorated from Fashion's Night Out!

I would probably say so even if it weren't true (he IS, after all, Lilly's kin), but Christopher Pulitzer Leidy is VERY talented in my humble opinion! His art is so vibrant and alive! (Not unlike Lilly patterns....)

I am struck not only by the beauty of the photographs, but also by the townhouse! What lovely architecture. I can't wait to visit it in person (perhaps a stop on the way to the warehouse sale?)!
Pink Lilly cocktails were served and a SPECIAL gift with purchase was available. I wonder what it was?

That is a LOT of Lilly Lovers! Hello friends!

Lastly, Christopher Pulitzer Leidy himself with his father Bob Leidy. Not a bad looking gent! I wonder if he is single? Oh wait, I'm getting married. Well, maybe for one of you?? ;)

Looks like a VERY fun time was had by all! If you would like more information on Christopher Pulitzer Leidy, please visit Leidy Images. One last thing, ladies! Please have a fabulous Friday.


  1. The art has such wonderful colors! Thanks for filling us in even though we couldn't be there!

  2. The pictures are great, but I love the townhouse too!

  3. Such vivid photos. Wonderful.

  4. Great post! Linda told me about this exhibit when she was in Dallas and I so wanted to go. I love all your photos, I got an email with similar ones as well!

  5. Muffy, Thank you for yesterday's post! I got the cutest bowtie with your code! (It is on my blog) Have a great weekend!!