Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lilly Cars

With news of the newest Lilly car coming to the market (it's going to be ELECTRIC! how very progressive!), I've been thinking about the Lilly Jeep. Here is the description on the Lilly site:
We like Jeep because it’s a classic American brand that’s stayed true to its roots since it started. We’re especially fond of the open-aired nature of the Wrangler, which has always seemed particularly conducive to colorful experiences. So we’ve collaborated on a limited edition Lilly design. You can order one by request. And if you see one on the road, you’ll know a Jubilee event is coming soon. FOR INQUIRIES PLEASE CALL 610-878-7757

We've all seen it, but does anyone OWN it? I'd love to hear from someone who drives one about town! I have so many questions! What do people say when they see it? What kinds of questions do people ask? Do you love it? Tell us more about the pattern on it.

Also, I wonder about this electric car. The image I used in the post was actually a Lilly golf cart, but what will the electric car look like? Will it be a Smart Car? Will it be patterned or just pink? How much will it cost? How will they deliver one to me out here in California? Will there be OPTIONS of patterns (I sure hope so!)? Will there be a Lilly-fied interior? When will we know more information?

So many questions for Lilly Lovers! Email me at if you've got one....we want pictures and more info!

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  1. No one's commenting!! I guess no one owns the jeep who reads :(

    Sadly, I don't own the Lilly Jeep... BUT... I have driven one before.. Best day of my life :)