Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Lilly's Top Ten!

Lilly sent out an email recently featuring her Top Ten picks for Fall! Let's check them out and see what we think!

#1) Soni Printed Turtleneck ($88) This turtleneck is a great way to keep your Lilly spirit when the weather cools down. It will keep you warm while showing off a lovely pattern. Also, the happy colors will brighten any gloomy day. This turtleneck can be worn multiple ways as well, I would layer it with other items in the same color family and have the print just peek out on top.

#2) Knot Just Another Flat ($198) I have gushed about this terrific shoe in the past (here). I think when it gets cold and rainy and we can no longer wear our Jacks (or Bonannos!) this is the perfect alternative. Chic and comfortable, these are the perfect shoes for Fall and I would MUCH prefer a pair of these to the similarly priced Tory Burch Revas.

#3) Keating Dress Printed Crinkle ($298) I think that this dress features such lovely Fall colors and is in such a charming Fall fabric (silk! luxurious!) that I completely understand why Lilly made it a Top Ten Must Have! You know I'm serious when I capitalize words like Must and Have.

#4) Shere Sweter Coat ($348) Must be honest. Not a huge fan of this sweater. It for another Lilly Lover who lives in another place and has another lifestyle. Just not me. Having said that, it looks very warm and comfy and for the right person, this would be a lovely piece to add to a Fall and Winter wardrobe. Read more of my thoughts on the Shere here. Must say I do love this pink color! Such a happy pop of color.

#5) Agnes Skirt Printed Twill ($98) LOVE twill. LOVE the prints this comes in. LOVE the under $100 price tag! LOVE THIS SKIRT! This would be a GREAT addition to a Fall wardrobe. When it gets REALLY cold, you could wear it with warm tights and even wellies! I agree. This really is a MUST HAVE.

#6) Mar-a-Lago Tote ($358) I love this bag. It's VERY chic, and the brown is SO complimentary to Fall colors. You could wear this bag with just about anything. The material also seems very plush. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. Very fabulous. This bag was featured in the post "Get Carried Away!" that you can read here.

#7) Paley Ruffle Collar Cardigan ($148) This is a sweater that you could use for many seasons, not just Fall. The ruffle is such a big trend for Fall. This would be a perfect layering piece to keep in your wardrobe. Another piece with many uses! Check out the other colors and more info on my post here.

#8) Rorey Top Printed Crinkle ($168) How do you do fabulous office professional for Fall? With this top, some nice slacks and some stellar heels. Of course if you are in a VERY stuffy industry this may only fly on Casual Fridays, but I still think it's a lovely top.

Apple Dress ($168) This dress to me is sort of like the Andover for Fall. Very versatile, clearly a flattering cut and the price point is just right. No wonder it is a must have! It's the dress that has it all!

#10) 2010 Agenda ($25) This is an OBVIOUS must have! Every Lilly Lover should have one of these for the new year! LOVE IT! This would be such a great stocking stuffer too! FAB!

Well, there you have it! All of the TOP TEN picks from Lilly herself! Which ones of these will you be buying this Fall? Lilly Lovers want to know!


  1. I love the Rorey top, I picked it up last week along with some wrap dresses from the fall line, they are perfect for work!! I have my eye on a few other pieces, but I'm trying to hold out for some to go on sale, you know they will!

  2. I love so many things on this list, but I really love that ruffled Shere Sweater Coat!

  3. We have loved the turtleneck since the first time we laid eyes on it, it is so snuggly looking! And the Agnes skirt is such a great basic piece, we may add another one to the mix!

    Fun post Miss Muffy, thank you!

  4. o my gosh! I love Lilly! One of my faves!

    I'm an official follower now. Please check out my blog.

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