Saturday, August 29, 2009


....just give me something pink and green in a size 8, 10, 12 or 14!!!! HAHA. Thursday I went to "The Sale Shack" website (C. Orrico's online outlet), to see what was new and on sale! I love the sale shack. They have so much to offer!

I saw the Andover dress (a dress I own in tide blue shaken up) in my size (8) in the multi fresh and fruity patch! I was so excited!! After some thought, I decided to buy it....I couldn't let it get away!

Today, I got an email from the super nice people at C. Orrico letting me know the dress had actually sold out. BUMMER. I decided to get something else! I asked if the Lovell shift (in Lillys Pink Tiger Lilly!) was still available in a 12 or 14, but it was sold out too! Double bummer! I had tried on the 14 in store and it was big, but just a little. I know the 12 would be perfect, but all they have is a 10. I think that might be too small.

I decided I just HAD to get something in the Lillys Pink Tiger Lilly pattern, so I decided to ask if the fiesta dress was available in a 14 since I had heard from pals that it runs small. Of course, someone already bought that one too! Triple bummer.

Perhaps the Lord was trying to say, "Hey, Muffy! You've got enough Lilly! Chill a little bit!" but what I am taking with me is this: when you hear there are additional markdowns going on, don't take the time to think about it...BUY IT NOW! You can always sell it on eBay if it doesn't fit! HAHAHA! Lessons for a Lilly Lover, here at the Lilly Lovers Blog!


  1. I have had a lot of trouble with buying lilly online lately too!

  2. It would seem perhaps Skipp has been chatting with a higher power...! :)