Monday, August 31, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

LPC is back and better than ever! This week she has outdone herself with not one but TWO Polyvores! WOW!

Lilly had a best friend. You know the kind. She’s been your best friend since you were little. You’ve both made different choices. Maybe she’s a little wild. But you’re still Best Friends. Lilly’s best friend wanted to go clubbing. She said Lilly had to come. Lilly wasn’t sure. She worried about what to wear. Pulled some things out of the closet and hopped in the car. When she got to her friend’s house, she got laughed at. And handed a white leather jacket to replace the green cardigan. And false eyelashes with a gold strip. No looking back.

They left for the club, Lilly still dreaming of her shift, her sandals, her cardigan. The club was crowded. Very crowded. Lilly danced. She had always loved to dance. Forgot herself, almost. She opened her closed eyes. Across the bar, eyes met. Wholly unsuitable boy. Unforgettable. Time to go home.

Next weekend Lilly called her friend. “Let’s go out again!” “Looks who’s talking now!” This time Lilly looked a little harder for something to wear. Something that might make an impression, on someone. Never mind who. She resorted to the unthinkable. Borrowed Daddy’s dinner jacket. Ever the good girl, she tore a page from her notebook and wrote Daddy a note. “Daddy, had to borrow your jacket. Promise to get it cleaned! Thanks Pops! Your Lilly.”

This time she drew the line at false eyelashes. After all, they made the exchange of glances a little more difficult than necessary.


  1. "Drew the line at false eyelashes," I love it! The High WASP is demonstrating remarkable talent with her Polyvore creations, and the concept of a Lilly Clubbing outfit is excellent.

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! I love, love, LOVE this. LPC just made my day!