Monday, August 24, 2009

Lilly Lovers Days 2009 Finalists!

OH BOY! The 25 finalists of Lilly Lovers Days 2009 have been announced and are featured below. There are 27 because two of the winners are employees of Lilly and not eligible to win.

First place winner:

Second place winner:
Third place winner:
I am a big fan of the second runner up! What a cute photo. Congrats to all who made the top 25!


  1. So cute. I do not know how you picked! Love the dapper older gent in his Lilly pants:).

  2. So cute, I love the old guy in the pants, so cute! I also love Hopsy on the elephant, is that a Lilly first?

  3. I love that the dogs leash has spelled out a script L! Great photos! What fun!

  4. The third place winner is a friend of mine from college. HOORAY!!!!!

  5. So excited that you love our picture!!!! YAYAAYA for Lilly Lovers 2009!!! (My husband and I are the third place winners!!!!)