Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Notes From The Print Studio

Lilly Pulitzer director of design Janie Schoenborn took to the Lilly blog to post about new prints and collaborations coming up! Very exciting to hear the latest straight from Janie! Here is what Janie had to say:

Lilly Land Meet Janie….Janie, Lilly Land…. now that you’ve all been introduced here’s a peak into her very crazy, always exciting and never dull (in regards to color) world at Lilly.

What are we up to? Well the center of my universe is the Lilly Pulitzer print studio. We are usually painting. Right now we have been extremely focused on things that are waaaaay too top secret to tell you. But things LEAK. I was pleasantly surprised to see the WWD article ran announcing our super cool program for Spring 2010 with LeSportSac. Since that has ended up on OTHER blogs let me give you a behind the scenes….

For Spring 2010 we are working on saving the world. As usual. Par for the course. No really, there were so many animals that we were jamming into prints we thought…let’s raise awareness for endangered species. So someone called someone else important, we got the red light, were designing prints when…our marketing team hooked-up with le Sport Sac and the rest is soon-to-be history.

LeSportSac is chic because you can wear it anytime, anywhere. It is a print driven brand and so are we. Sounds simple right. My first meeting was with their creative director (she is French and defines the word chic) and director of this and another manger of blah blah. All very very very lovely people. They showed me the millions of shapes that they have run of the years. Did you know they were founded in 1974 (which is ah-hem whisper whisper, around the time that I was born. I lie about my age so I will tell you I am younger by a tid-bit). Needless to say they have a lot of bag shapes to play with.

Am I going to get in trouble? What am I allowed to spill. EEK. Ok, so I am going to gloss over exactly what shapes. But I will tell you that YES, we have a tennis bag (loooooove it) and we have all sizes of the weekender. I KNOW that we are all looking for an updated modern weekender and now we have an answer, no matter how much you need to pack. There are make-up bags, totes, day bags. There are LOTS OF BAGS.

The prints. Now this info I think has leaked, so let me give you the behind the scenes. We have 3 prints coming. First delivery is (I forget when…hmmm..around January/Feb) is a patch with all of our ‘big cats’ included. This print is exclusive to le Sport Sac and will not be on our apparel. It holds bits of prints that will be on the line, and others (like a blue/coral ikat leopard) that isnot on the line but MAAAAYBE should have been. I’m just saying…

So…cats? Well, you know Lilly loves little kitty cats and has tons of them. Lost count how many are running around that place. But there are so many big cats that are endangered. We have tigers and leopards, florida panthers and cougars (my running joke is that they are endangered expect for on the island of palm beach..hee hee). The colors are an awesome turquoise and coral, trimmed in navy. PERFECT for that time of year. I think all these guys are in the bag

Lots of leaves…this one is called CATNIP (and you will see on the line. If some major fashion house like Oscar De la Renta (who is amazing)wants
to come in an steal our spring 2010 prints I think I have just “sold the farm”. Bought the farm? What is that saying?!?!?!?
Ok, I am getting a little tired now. I will ‘blog’ more later. You got the first le Sport Sac delivery out of me. More to come later!


Very exciting! I can't wait to see what else she has to say!

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