Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Lilly Car!

WHOA! Stop the presses! Today on the Lilly Pulitzer Facebook page, there was a picture of the NEW Lilly Pulitzer ELECTRIC car!!!! Very exciting!!!! Here is some more info from the Lilly Facebook page:

Exciting news!! Shhhhhh (who am i kidding I'm sharing this secret with 30,000 people) We had a jeep last year but this November we're "rolling" out an electric car!! It comes in white and pink!!Eeeekk! Stay tuned for more details and how to order one early!! (The best part?..besides being Lilly printed, there's a HUGE government tax credit). Cheers!!


  1. This is fantastic. Now even the People's Republic of Berkeley in California can do Lilly.

  2. LOVE it and posted about my covetness today on my blog! I NEED this...How much is that Lilly-cart in the window??? I'm afraid to know the price!