Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Ones That Got Away...

Did you ever wait to buy a piece of Lilly and it sold out? Have you ever waited for a certain dress to go on sale and you missed it? Oh yes, we all have the pieces that got away. We troll ebay hoping someone has them at a decent price in good condition, but sometimes they never come.

These are my personal "ones that got away":

Dasha Silk Twill Dress in White Tailwind (I think Resort 2007?)

Reecey Dress in Hibiscus Pink (I don't recall which collection this came from but it is just HEAVEN!):

....and my latest, the Lovell Dress in Lilly's Pink Tiger Lilly. This one was $358 and sold out in my size before ever going on sale. $400 (CA tax is close to 10%) is just a little bit steep for me for a casual dress, but I simply ADORED it. (Shameless plug: if anyone finds it in a 12 or 14, please email me!)

Lilly Lovers want to know: What are YOUR pieces that "got away"? What did you wish you had purchased while you had the chance??


  1. Oh this is an easy one- the beautiful pink dupioni silk with beading on neckline- Kassidy Dress- from Jubilee collection. Just couldn't pull the trigger and pay $428 for it :(
    I actually have the first dress you show above- got it for $50 at Filenes in NYC last summer. Had I known you at the time- I would have totally picked on up for you!

  2. Yes, Yes, Yes! I sure have!

    1. The patchwork corduroy pants from autumn of '02 or so that included the hot pink mallard duck corduroy, as well as other "critter" embroidery. I wound up getting the skirts in Mallard and Black Lab, but hated to miss out on the pants.

    2. The Derby Days shift. So perfect for races. Why did I let it slip away?

    3. Like AMS above, the Jubilee Kassidy. Such a special heirloom piece.

    I would totally love to find any or all of these!!

  3. Muffy, my belk has the lovell in a 14. Call the belk in west town mall in knoxville to buy it.

  4. I loved the Dasha Dress and I wanted it but alas everywhere I looked it was gone in my size.

  5. I have the Reecey dress in Pink- I love it!

  6. the un-bermuda bag in the mumsie print from last spring, uugghh, sometimes it just eats away at my soul!


  7. The Dasha dresses were the best! I am embarassed to say that I do have all of them ( the two from Resort 2007 through Fall 2008). My personal favorite is the Inner Circle from Spring 2008.

    The second dress is the Hibiscus Pink Reecey from Summer 2008 Collection.

    The Lovell dress actually is perfect for beach weddings. I wore the green one with a white shawl and the silver Parigi sandals from 2007.

  8. The Flossie dress for my daughter in "ring my bell" precious and so unavailable!

  9. Muffy, We are the same size! Please let me know if you ever have Lilly's you want to sell! I have a few but my budget can't hold more than that. I'd buy some from you if you ever want to earn some extra money... :)


  10. I love the Dasha and pre-ordered it, but sadly it looked like a bag on me. When I think of ones that got away I just think of prints. I LOVED all the 2000 and 2001 prints and would have to say Shrimp Cocktail, the blue and pink pineapple print and of course the Martini print!

  11. OMG I have that Dasha dress for sale, on Ebay, in size 14. LMK if you're interested! XOXO

  12. There's a Lovell Dress in a size 12 on the Re-Lilly Facebook group right now! It's $150.