Friday, August 21, 2009

Mint Juleps and Magnolias

Hello friends! We have quite a treat today! Heather from Mint Juleps and Magnolias has written us all about her experience being the FIRST Lilly Lover to find the Florida's Natural Lilly-fied Grapefruit Juice! How very exciting!

Not only that, but she has been kind enough to share with us some pictures of the GORGEOUS quilts her Grandmother has made using Lilly fabric. First, let's talk about the dress she won!!!!

Heather writes:

About a month ago, Mr. Magnolia and I were doing our customary Sunday morning grocery shopping when I found the Special Edition Lilly Florida's Natural grapefruit juice at my local Kroger.

I was so excited. As y'all know, I love Lilly P. a lot. Mr. Magnolia and I also love to support pink ribbon charities. We have a lot of close relatives that have been affected by breast cancer, so we always run and conduct fundraisers for our local Race for the Cure, and we try to buy as many products as possible that support women's cancer charities. Plus, we actually really like grapefruit juice. So, it made perfect sense to pick up a couple of containers.

I'd gotten the Lilly email blasts and Facebook updates which announced the photo contest; the first person who uploaded a photo of herself with the juice to Lilly's Facebook page would win a Lilly dress. I looked pretty
skanky, since we'd gotten up for brunch and groceries without really
getting cleaned up, but I thought it was worth submitting a photo.

Guess what? I won! :)

A few weeks later, an awesome package arrived. One that was addressed to me, from Lilly. Inside was cute tissue paper which said, in the most delicate of lettering, "It started with a juice stand." It was the Sherman tunic! I picked this one after seeing it in my local Lilly store. It was a little more casual than the Lilly dresses I normally pick out. I thought it would be cool to get something a little different as my "free" dress. I'm so glad I did! This one is a linen/cotton blend that has been fabulous for
dinner, drinks, running errands, or just enjoying the summer. Of course, it came with a note from the staff at Lilly!

After this great experience, Mr. Magnolia and I try to pick up the "Lilly juice", as it is now known at our house, every week. It's delicious, and makes our fridge look like party central! I keep meaning to pick up a bottle of vodka to make an Absolut Lilly.

Lilly + Florida's Natural. Cheers!

(Read her post on her experience (with pictures!) HERE)

Here is the photo Heather submitted that won her a FREE Lilly dress:

She chose the Sherman Tunic Dress! Great choice, Heather!

Wow, Heather! You are the envy of all Lilly Lovers right now! What a lucky gal. Expect a post on some AMAZING Lilly quilts (once again thanks to Heather) soon!


  1. I LOVE Heather's quilts, they are gorgeous and yay again on the dress win! LIOB!

  2. I LOVE the tunic she picked out! Way cute!

  3. I am in love with that second quilt! Good for her winning that darling Lilly dress:)