Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Pink Mothership

When Muffy and I first connected via the preppy, Lilly loving blog world last summer she was starting a new trend by calling Lilly the mothership. I always referred to Lilly as the love of my life, but since meeting Muffy I now often call if the mothership too.

For all of those who have yet to make it to KoP here is a photo of the Pink Palace aka our Mothership!

Before I visited last November I always wondered if the building really was pink and if so what shade it would be. Well, ladies, here you have it! It is a delightful shade of light pink, perhaps somewhat similar to Shell Pink? Or maybe even a mix of Shell and Phipps Pink? Either way, isn't it just lovely as can be. Now, had only this shot captured one of the Lilly Jeeps parked out front...


  1. And don't they create wonderful treasures inside that building?! You are doing a great job filling in for Muffy!

  2. The building is amazing inside and out. The inside is absolutely incredible! I didn't want to leave!!

  3. Oh I love this Pink Palace! {mothership!} I hope one day I can visit!

  4. It would be so nice to visit the Pink Palace... maybe some day.
    Great job this week filling in for Muffy.