Thursday, October 1, 2009

Lilly...with a twist!

Hello friends! This is going to be one of the last "Lilly...with a twist!" features for a little while as I am getting married on 10/10 and going on my honeymoon right after! Don't worry though, soon after I return, so will this feature! Here is this weeks "Lilly...with a twist!"

Lilly's Niece Goes to School

Lilly's little niece had started kindergarten this year. Lilly loved her niece, and gave her an adorable outfit to celebrate. One day, Lilly even went with her sister on the morning trip to school. Lilly's sister whispered, "I'm glad I still have the little guy at home, otherwise I'd be a blubbering mess." Lilly understood. The cuteness of these two little ones was almost too much to bear. Pulling the car up into the roundabout, Lilly's sister turned around in her seat and said, "Get your stuff honey." "OK!" said the little girl. She grabbed her jacket, her backpack, and a box of BandAids. Off she ran, mini McKims flapping. "What's with the BandAids?" said Lilly. "Don't ask," laughed her sister. "And wait a minute, what happened to the matching pink hoodie I sent? Why is she wearing aqua?" "Oh Lilly," with a deep sigh, "If I've learned anything, it's pick your battles." Lilly realized at that point that she had a lot to learn about cute little children.

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