Monday, November 2, 2009

The MURFEE has arrived!

There has been lots of chatter about this new piece from Resort, the Murfee scarf. Available in three different prints, it appears to be very popular and is flying off the shelves!

I had the oppurtunity to see the Murfee scarf at the Fashion Valley Lilly store and was really, well....not that impressed. It's quite soft and comes in darling prints but I suppose I was expecting a more WARM scarf. This one is more for decoration. Worn to look chic rather than worn to stay warm. Ah, well. To each their own. I wouldn't be upset if one of these turned up under my Christmas tree.

The three patterns of the Murfee are:

Surf Blue Checking In

Lilly's Pink Checking In

Lilly's Pink Grand Scale Access

Which of these patterns do you like the best? I think I like Lilly's Pink Grand Scale Access best. Will you be picking up the Murfee this season?


  1. I am really loving the Lilly's Pink Checking In. They are all very cute, but not being too warm I am going to try and wait until they go on sale or Santa puts one under my tree!!!

  2. I love this scarf but really Lilly over $100 for a scarf...I think I will be sticking to me $5 walmart pashminas.

  3. I LOVE the Murfees! Actually, I am OBSESSED with them! Printed scarfes are such a fun way to add a pattern and color to your outfit and these are just as cute as can be!

  4. Hi!~I got the Grand Scales & LOVE IT...have worn it with my palm green puffer vest (with the pink zebra lining~i think resort07) SOOOOOOOO darn cute!!!!!love the scales and then the green in it is little scallops.....adorabilly lilly!!!!!!

  5. I love them all! They are proving to be quite popular in our store!

  6. I love them all! They are the perfect way to add some color to my New England winter wardrobe!