Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lilly Cheers the Winter Olympics!

Lilly loved the Olympics. Summer, winter, Asia, Europe, the Americas, she loved them all. The competition, the athletes' stories, the costumes. Even the theme songs. But her parents were old-fashioned. So old-fashioned they hadn't yet moved on to the glorious world of enormous, flat screen, HDTV. She especially loved to root on Team USA.

On Saturday, she settled herself onto the family room sofa, resigned to watching little bitty skaters and skiiers go round little bitty tracks and down little bitty hills. It was better than nothing, and Lilly was the cheerful sort, who always found a glass to be half full. Just as familiar trumpets began to sound, her phone rang. It was her best friend, Sissy. Did Lilly want to come watch the Olympics? On the new, 52-inch TV? Did she? Are you kidding? But Sissy had a Swedish grandpa. Lilly had to agree to root for Sweden in the Nordic skiing events. Hmm, thought Lilly. Hmmm. Tall, muscular Swedish men? In top aerobic condition, skiing their hearts out for 30 kilometers? Hela Sverige!

A few quick runs through her closet, and she found an ALMOST red polo, white jeans, and man's small navy blue cashmere v-neck. Lilly absolutely loved men's sweaters, very forgiving of too much guacamole, or cheesecake, for that matter. Add some gold flats for medal luck. Spectacular! Let the best man, woman, country, and athlete win.


  1. Love that Lilly incorporates men's sweaters into her casual wear, its a favorite trick of mine too, certainly more forgiving when indulging in Olympic snacks!

    Bravo High Wasp!!

  2. Love it! Perfect - and a great trick for those days when we're not feeling our thinnest! :-) XOXO

  3. Lilly was absolutely stylish while watching the Olympics, to be sure. We're with Black Labs & Lilly on the use of men's sweaters, they can be *very* helpful.

    Sending Lilly, Muffy and LPC a big smile!

  4. I may have to try Lilly's men's cashmere now. Hmm. There's a thought for a cold, rainy day:).