Friday, January 15, 2010

Lilly...with a Twist!

Extra special thanks to Lisa at Privilege for yet another STELLAR and FABULOUS edition of "Lilly...with a Twist!"

Lilly was noticing a strange phenomenon. Her friends were getting married. That wasn't so strange. In fact, Lilly's mom often hinted that maybe single was stranger. Lilly ignored her. No, the strange part was how her married friends changed once they emerged from the bridal haze.

Take Sissy, for example. Back in the day, Sissy was all about sassy. Everything wildly pink and as short possible. Anything that wasn't pink, gold. Especially shoes and bags. No longer. When Sissy threw her first dinner party, she greeted Lilly at the door in a gorgeous Kaya dress, a Paley cardigan, and, apparently, a new commitment to the environment. Her shoes supported coral reefs around the world. "Oh dear," thought Lilly, "My shoes barely support my feet." Sissy did look fabulous. Happy. With a sinking feeling in her heart, Lilly entered the married-people-party. Everyone looked so, well, married. Settled. Intentional. Happy. Lilly sidled over to the bar, and asked Chip, Sissy's husband, for a glass of champagne. "Lilly!" cried Chip, "I wanted to introduce you to Bryan!" "Oh, no, I'm, I'm just, I'm...." Lilly couldn't think of anything to say to prevent yet another embarrassing hello-nice-to-meet you moment. She turned. Wait a minute. Wait just a minute here. Chip's cousin Bryan? He's the handsome, edgy, unsuitable guy from a few months ago. "Hello," said Lilly, "How nice to meet you."

Lilly And Married Life


  1. Thanks for the chance to tell the story, Muffy!

  2. What fun to have another "Lilly... with a Twist" post, we simply adore these, not to mention the fabulous Polyvores accompanying them! Thanks to both of you for the extra treat!