Thursday, January 7, 2010

Exciting NEW Lilly News!

Hello friends! Our favorite pink and green lady has done it again! We've got TWO big scoops here for you today, Lilly Lovers! Let's get started, shall we?

First of all, WOW! Listen to this:


This season Lilly Pulitzer colors the globe GREEN in more ways than one! For every Lilly polo purchased we are working with American Forests to plant a tree!

With “Planting Polos” we also debut 2 brand new & updated fits – the Resort Polo and the Chic Polo – guaranteed to fit and flatter. It’s time someone breathed new life into the classic polo… why not Lilly? The Resort Polo is sporty, comfortable and hits at the hip, for easy, on-the-go wear. The Chic Polo is the high fashion friend, with its long, lean fit and polished enamel buttons. Available in over 8 different colors like Hotty Pink, Keen Peach, Turquoise (the official Pantone color for 2010!), limeade, and the always Classic White!

With the purchase of ANY Lilly polo at our boutiques nationwide, Lilly will plant a tree. Watch online as our digital forest grows before your very eyes!
Isn't that simply THRILLING?! Of course Lilly could do no wrong in my book to begin with, but their constant attention to philanthropy, the environment, and the lifestyle of their customers (and TRUE Lifelong Lilly Lovers!) never ceases to amaze me! I like the light green color the best. Wouldn't it be charming with some white Lilly capris or a linen skirt? BUT WAIT! That's not all! Listen closely:

AND INTRODUCING…The PERFECT Uniform to transition you from Winter to Spring!

We think we’re on to something here… as we can not keep this “Murfee” scarf in stock (an easy, breezy $118!). Just by looking at the girls in the office, we think we have a new transitional “uniform.” A super soft tee, dark skinny jean, and a printed lightweight scarf, all paired back to the perfect ballet flat.
I LOVE these new patterns! I think my favorite is the second from the right. It reminds me of the Originals collection. I didn't think I was interested in getting one of these, but with this great pattern added, how could I not? This is OBVIOUSLY a must-have for every Lilly Lover. Especially with the recent FREEZING cold weather the East and Midwest has been suffering through! Let's do a quick visual of the outfit Lilly recommends. Who doesn't love a visual aid?!

Now, that is a fabulous "uniform" if I ever did see one! What do you think of the latest from Lilly?! Will you run out of the house this very second to buy a polo and new Murfee?? Lilly Lovers want to know!