Tuesday, December 22, 2009

What will you buy your Lilly Lover for Christmas?

Hello friends! What a busy time it has been at Casa Lilly Lovers lately. Baking cookies, trimming trees, writing cards and decorating! Most Lilly Lovers are hoping to find something pink and green under their tree on Friday, here's hoping that you all get exactly what you want!

Every Lilly Lover lately seems to be going MAD for the Murfee! It's easy to see why, the Murfee is a great way to wear patterns during the dreary cold (often Lilly-free) Winter! To please Lilly Lovers all over, Lilly has BRAND NEW prints available! Pick one up for your Lilly Lover today! Here are the newest choices:

What do you think? I was originally not a huge fan, but since they came out with all these great patterns, I think it is SUCH a great piece. I mean, how versatile! I would love to wear the Bright Navy one with my navy peacoat, or the Bright Pink with an ivory car coat. At $118, they won't break your Christmas budget either!

What are you hoping to find this year under your pink and green tree?


  1. I hope you've seen the 6 darling new prints they're introducing with the Murfee soon--they're GREAT!

  2. I have 3 Murfee scarves and have worn them more than any other Lilly item this fall! Great blog!