Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Lilly...with a Twist! Baby Shower in the Snow!

Lisa from Privilege blog has done it once again! I do believe this is one of my FAVORITE Polyvores! How DARLING! Please enjoy...Lilly...with a Twist.

Lilly had a baby shower to attend. She loved baby showers. She liked babies, for the most part, but she LOVED baby clothes. Oh. My. God. They were so cute! Those little ruffles, and little flowers, and little pinknesses? She could never resist buying at least two outfits as presents. And she always wanted to see photos later, her baby fashion choices in action.

But today she was having trouble figuring out what to wear. It was March. And out East, where her friend lived now, it appeared that winter hadn't yet surrendered to spring. Despite the snow on the ground, Lilly was determined to find a cheery outfit. Something colorful. Something...Lilly. But there was no way around the snow on the ground. Hmm. She had to start with her feet. The Lilly shoes just wouldn't work in the snow. But, wait, she had a wonderful pair of equestrian boots! Black. Comfy. Classic.

Now, add a pair of peacock tights, a Sabine shirtdress, and layer a pink turtleneck underneath. Yes! Good to go! Add a pink hat with pompoms and matching gloves, pull out the winter coat and a Murfee scarf, and Lilly felt ready to bring her customary cheer to the event. To heck with snow. On with the festivities.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Lilly Cheers the Winter Olympics!

Lilly loved the Olympics. Summer, winter, Asia, Europe, the Americas, she loved them all. The competition, the athletes' stories, the costumes. Even the theme songs. But her parents were old-fashioned. So old-fashioned they hadn't yet moved on to the glorious world of enormous, flat screen, HDTV. She especially loved to root on Team USA.

On Saturday, she settled herself onto the family room sofa, resigned to watching little bitty skaters and skiiers go round little bitty tracks and down little bitty hills. It was better than nothing, and Lilly was the cheerful sort, who always found a glass to be half full. Just as familiar trumpets began to sound, her phone rang. It was her best friend, Sissy. Did Lilly want to come watch the Olympics? On the new, 52-inch TV? Did she? Are you kidding? But Sissy had a Swedish grandpa. Lilly had to agree to root for Sweden in the Nordic skiing events. Hmm, thought Lilly. Hmmm. Tall, muscular Swedish men? In top aerobic condition, skiing their hearts out for 30 kilometers? Hela Sverige!

A few quick runs through her closet, and she found an ALMOST red polo, white jeans, and man's small navy blue cashmere v-neck. Lilly absolutely loved men's sweaters, very forgiving of too much guacamole, or cheesecake, for that matter. Add some gold flats for medal luck. Spectacular! Let the best man, woman, country, and athlete win.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunny Sunday: The Pearce

Hello friends! I decided to call this post "Sunny Sunday" because it is RAINING today in Los Angeles (thank you, El Nino) and I wanted to have a nice sunny day on my blog! HA!

I've featured the Pearce dress from Spring 2010 Lilly before, but now there are some new pictures out of it and I just couldn't help but featuring it again. The details are just so lovely. I can't wait until the days of white dresses, flowers, sunshine and happiness are here! Soon enough. Until then, have you met the Pearce?

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Olympic Sale!

Stop the presses! In honor of the Winter Games, from now until Sunday you can take 30% off printed Lilly Resort items with code: OLYMPICS! What a great offer from C. Orrico. Of course I LOVE C. Orrico! Buy something and then come tell us all about it.


Saturday, February 6, 2010

Pink. Straw. Perfection.

If you've been reading this blog for a while, you know I am ALWAYS on the search for the perfect straw bag! It's pretty much the perfect companion to Lilly 10 out of 10 times! Imagine my happiness and delight to find this special piece in the Spring 2010 Lilly collection:

LG Golden Basket ($228) The straw! The PINK! The BAMBOO HANDLES! It is PERFECTION.

Good job, Lilly! I've been looking for a piece like this for AGES. The smaller clutch ($128) is also adorable! Love them both! Have a great weekend, all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lilly...with a Twist! Mardi Gras time!

Lilly still couldn't think of him as Brian. Somehow in her mind she kept calling him Edgy Guy. Hard to stop, given that she still wasn't sure if they were dating or not. Sure, they hung out. Sure, she realized as she thought about it that they had somehow wound up seeing each other almost every weekend since Sissy's wedding. And, yes, OK, some kissing had happened. But she just wasn't sure. The texting seemed accidental. Phone calls were almost non-existent. All the contact, exciting, fun, and different as it was, just didn't seem to be on purpose.

She wanted to know. Did he like her? As in, like her? Did she make his heart beat faster? Even a little bit?

Mardi Gras party time. Always fun, with her group of friends. Even the married ones seemed to get 5 years younger at Mardi Gras parties. Lilly looked forward to it. And to wearing her new pink Adelson shift with the gold lace. "Ha!" she thought, "It'll coordinate with my beads!" She decided to get daring. Added the Lilly Patent Croc wedges. In pink, of course. Piled on the beads, intertwined with a Murfee scarf for inimitable style. She looked in the mirror. Thought long and hard. And raised the feathered mask to her face. "Why not? she thought. "Why the heck not?"

Midnight. Face to face. Masks on. Does she have the courage? Can she ask him? "Do I make your heart beat faster?" Masks off. "Just for tonight, yes."

Special thanks to Lisa from Privilege for another STELLAR "Lilly...with a Twist!"!!!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Lilly Image of the Day!

Hello friends! Happy Monday and welcome to February! For the Image of the Day today, I simply had to feature STUNNING Lilly Lover Angie Harmon from Town and Country (July 2009). She makes white look WHITE HOT! Love the earrings. She sure can make Lilly look lovely! Ms. Harmon is wearing the Lilly Pulitzer SoCal shift from the Jubilee collection ($298).